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City-wide Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste Collection

Begins Monday, January 1, 2018


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the action that the City Council has taken?


Currently, individual homes contract directly for their solid-waste (trash) service with trash providers, or homeowners associations negotiate a contract with a trash provider on behalf of their residents and recoup the costs through homeowner’s association dues.  The proposal approved by the City Council is to switch to a system in which the City will provide the service, by contracting with Jim’s Disposal Service. Residents will make payment to the City in the same manner as they do now for water and sewer service.


2. Who is the new provider and what basic service will be provided? What is the price?


The low and best bidder for this contract was Jim’s Disposal Service (Jim’s). Based on Jim’s bid and subsequent discussions, trash, recycling, yard waste, and bulky pick-ups (2 per year) will be provided to residents at the following per month price of $12..41. This amount will be included in your utility (water/sewer) bill so you will have one less check to write each month.


3. When will City-provided residential trash pickup begin?


City-provided pickup in Belton is on Mondays and Tuesdays and will commence January 1, 2018.  Residents will receive their first pro-rated bill for City-provided service contingent upon their billing cycle.


4. Will residents be forced to recycle?


No one will be forced to recycle, but recycling is included.  Recycling is easy and the City is encouraging recycling in order to reduce the amount of trash going to landfills; in addition, all recyclable items can be placed in a container provided by Jim's.


5. Will yard waste be collected?


Yard waste will be collected on a weekly basis March 1 through December 31.  Yard waste will be picked up at the curb.  Limbs/bushes will be securely bundled in less than 18 inches diameter. Maximum length should be 36 inches and not more than sixty (60) pounds in weight.

Christmas trees will be collected at the curb during the month of January at no charge on your regular pick-up day. They should be cut in half if the length is more than 8 feet. All tinsel, lights and ornaments must be removed from the Christmas Trees.


6. Will bulky pickup be provided?  At what price?


The City’s contract with Jim’s calls for 2 bulky item pick-ups per year from your curbside – free of charge: 1 pick-up in the spring and 1 pick-up in the fall. Residents are allowed up to five (5) items on these days including white goods.

There are limitations on the type of bulky items. For example, “White goods,” defined as appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators (limit 1) or freezers (limit 1), etc. are included, but items such as tube televisions, computers, or items classified as household hazardous waste: paint, thinners, batteries, light bulbs, etc., are excluded from this twice a year pick-up; instead, these items should be dropped off at the annual household hazardous waste (HHW) that is done in conjunction with the City of Raymore on an annual basis.

If there is a need beyond the twice a year pick-up, this bulky service is provided at a charge of $25.00 per item for the pickup. Residents will schedule pickups directly with Jim’s and will be billed directly by Jim’s for this service.


7. Will Jim’s wheeled containers be required to be used?


Jim’s will provide residents wheeled containers with a lid.  These containers are 45 gallons or 65 gallons in size.  They are tan in color with black lid for waste and a separate tan container with blue lid for recycling. Jim’s is sending a separate flyer with information on how to specify the size of container you desire for trash and recycling. Should you not select a size, the standard size container for both waste and recycling is 65 gallons.

Carts will be delivered in December, 2017 prior to the start of the new service. You can utilize the carts for the new service beginning January, 2018. Trash and recycling is unlimited; however, the City is requesting all residents to fill the carts first and then place excess bagged trash next to the cart.


8.  What should I do with my existing carts?


If your carts were provided by your current hauler, they should be contacting you for removing the carts shortly after December, 2017.


9.  Can I use my own carts/cans that I purchased?


No. You will be provided with carts/cans from the new trash hauler.  Part of the savings is due to improvements in efficiency; therefore, we are asking that you fill the city/contractor provided carts first, before putting any other trash at the curb.


10.  What if I can’t lift the large carts and take them to the street?


The carts to be provided have wheels and are designed such that most people should be able to easily tilt them and wheel them to the street.


11. What about homeowners associations (HOA) that have a contract with a trash provider?


Jim’s will be providing services to residential homes. Current haulers are aware that their service contract is ending on December 31, 2017, with Jim’s commencing on January 1, 2018.


12. What if I have health issues which prevent me from taking the carts to the streets. Can you help?


The City is initiating a “hardship program” for residents who cannot take their carts to the street wherein waste, recycling and yard waste shall be placed in front of the Hardships Customer’s residence, anywhere between the residence and the street. Carts and containers will be picked-up from and returned to the original point of placement in front of the Hardship Customer’s residence.

Please note: The definition for hardship includes proof/validation to the City that the resident is medically disabled in order to be considered for the program. Please call the City of Belton at 816-331-4331 if you believe you qualify for this program.




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